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Development Process - Heart State Games®



We offer best Logos and responsive design structure with header, main, footer sections according to the latest design market until today. We also use the best premium software to accomplish best results like Elementor Builder and Photoshop.


We can accomplish up to 95% Speed Optimization of the website according to Google Insights and GTmetrix by Optimizing images and fonts, clear all cache and minify CSS, fixing final database structure and do unwated code exclusions for deep Speed Optimization. We also use the best Hosting Services possible with the best Security, Bandwidth and Unlimited Traffic, making speed optimization validate to the optimal, server performance features.


We offer SEO Optimization based on the market and wanted keywords by sense-writing posts on pages base on the main structure of website for best seo optimization, accomplishing speed of reading and capability of understanding the article with respect. Our deep seo optimization includes power keywords, numbers, good density, snippets, featured image and a nice length of titles, desciptions and permalink accoplishing over 90% of deep seo optimization.


We can offer a variety of Social Marketing on Social Media marketing such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads with nice power keywords and descriptions of each product or service. You can check our website design via linking under our home page.



We use the most best assets in market to accoplish good quality and also quality feutures on our games. Every idea gets on considering of creating best and lots of experience possible with nice gameplay.


We are Publishing games on Steam and Google Play and also create ads and do social marketing with the help of our community by sharing info, all together, everywhere on the internet. We can offer 500 downloads on Google Play in 1 day refering it. You can check our games via linking under our home page.



We use the most best software for 3D modeling such as 3DS Max and Maya. We can create all reference are given us from images, pictures, photos, banners or even real life and create them into High-poly or Low-poly 3D models with up to 16K texture resolution for every kind of project like Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Gaming or Business or Fun.


We Publishing to various platforms such as Asset Store, ArtStation, Itch.io, GCTrader, Envato and more. We got over 300.000 people to show of our 3D Models on social media and kept growing community is growing and expanding every each day by sharing some our models also for free. You can check our models via linking under our home page.



As musicians and sound engineers we create various types of music like Epic Action Music, Electronic Music, Advertisement Music, Events music and more. We use the best tools and plugins to ensure the best possible quality at high birates in all formats.


We Publishing to various platforms such as Sound Cloud, ArtStation, Itch.io, Envato and more. We can get your music under contract and publish to a big audience with a fix commission of publishment from the income. Types of albums that can be published are Singles or Full Albums. We also can publish 1 single song on smaller audience. You can check our Music production via linking under our home page.